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Hello Everyone!


I just wanted to share a new, well new to me, product that has really changed my life!


Yes, I get it, hair is a small thing compared to health and taxes…but historically I’ve always had “problem” hair and was totally resigned to just having it one length, (shoulder), and in one style. (Wash & wear, down and parted to the side.)

This journey started when I was born.  For 2 years my hair grew straight out like a chia pet, until it fell down due to it’s length.  My mom was always fighting with it.  I can remember many a painful, tearful night with a metal rat tail comb…yanking the thick, coarse stuff into smoother submission.  Everything that was done to it had no effect!

Curlers slipped right out.  Braids untied themselves.  Ponytails had to be done face liftingly tight, (of course with painful, snaggly rubber bands, since those nice elastics weren’t yet invented.)  I longed for shorter hair to avoid the circus and once when I was 5, I hacked it to shoulder length myself!  (That did not go over well.)

My hair was and continues to be so thick that you could put it up wet in a ponytail, run around all day in the summer, untie it at night and it’s still damp inside!

I won’t even tell you about the 80’s poodle home perms my grandmother gave me…they lasted for 5-6 years until I gave up the ghost and stayed naturally straight.


This is basically how it is now. It’s been bone straight and in varying lengths the last few years. I tend to cut it every 6-8 months and it grows like crazy.

Summer always presents a new challenge. Staying cool.

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Here’s my pile of jaw clips…

I wear a barrette and a ponytail holder when I work out, to get it out of my face. I was looking for a way to wear it off my neck, and resorted to one of those cheesy, plastic jaw clips. Even though they worked if I twisted my ponytail up and crunched them around, they felt clumsy and looked ugly.  They slipped and weren’t comfortable to wear.

Searching online, I found Lilla Rose and went to their site.  Seeing all the pretty clips inspired me to give one a try, and in a couple of days it arrived and I was SO THRILLED with it and how it held my problem hair, I knew I had to share them with everyone I know.  (Looking around town, nobody has them.  Everyone uses jaw clips, pony holders, or other stuff…)

I was so taken by my new flexi-I actually registered to be a consultant for the company!

Here are some images of a few of the products Lilla Rose offers:

LR Collage 1

There are all kinds of products besides the Flexi-Clip. Bobbies, headbands, hairsticks…each one designed to work with ANY, YES ANY, type of hair. Thin, thick, fine, slippery, coarse…they will work for you.

What comes with them besides a guarantee and a beautiful aesthetic, is FREEDOM.

Freedom from boring hair. New ways to make beautiful updos without huge fuss and a trip to a salon. Freedom from tons of hair products and sprays.

I’m in love and wanted to share it with you. Please visit this site to learn more and purchase your perfect style!

Thanks and many blessings to you and the fam!

Here’s also a short demo on how they’ll fit for your hair style and type:

Find Your Perfect Flexi Size

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