Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves

red stripe wide blockit-imp

I’m not sure if all of your cards have been converted over to the newer “chip” cards, but I have a few in my wallet…I’ve been kind of thinking about the safety of these cards after reading articles like this one:

CBS News Protect Your Credit Card

Pretty scary that the person with the reader can be very close to you and get your card info. Bump into you in line, or on public transport and it’s a done deal. All without even stealing your actual wallet!

There are lots of sleeves out there, and I’m still investigating some different styles. I’m not sure if these are the “end all-be all” in the selection, because they’re too large to fit in my wallet’s pockets, but I’m checking them out and wanted to share them with you, in case you are as well.

These are from a “jungle bling” themed collection and are made from cardboard that seems to be lined with something shiny. I don’t prefer how inflexible they are, I was hoping they’d be made of softer, more flexible Tyvek. (If you find some, please let me know!)

I received a couple of these for my honest review, and this is it. 🙂

You can find these at
Blockit RFID Protection Sleeves
too big blockit-imp
measure blockit-imp

Be well and have a great day, my friend!


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