FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff


Loudness beware, your days are numbered!

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve subjected my ears to everything from lawnmowers to marching bands and I’ve probably lost some sensitivity along the way. Hey, these were the days BEFORE anyone cared abut protecting themselves from everyday things. We learned to ride bikes without helmets, (and continued riding them that way once we learned!), we drove cars without seatbelts or carseats, we even had to pass laws to make motorcycle helmets mandatory in my state. Yeah, I drove my moped all through college without a helmet or special driver’s license on major highways.

Those days being long gone have brought about changes for the better, and I had to let everyone know about the newest technology in hearing protection.


Whatever you’re doing that could damage your hearing, from using a leaf blower, watching auto racing, or doing some target practice, you need a pair of these!


I tried them out this weekend at the shooting range and I can tell you, they work beautifully!

I could hear a conversation, but when it came to the actual firing of the gun and those around me in that close space, they worked like a charm. I didn’t even need to use foam earplugs in addition to the earmuffs; they really worked to kill the sound.

I do have another pair that isn’t electronic, that is just as effective that’s a little smaller, but I do think that the added frequency detection over the long term is a great benefit with this pair.

After the session, I didn’t notice any deterioration in my hearing when removing them. No ringing or muffled effects; just normal hearing. That’s the peace of mind I like to have after a loud experience! I’d wear these at the racetrack, the airshow, the concert. I’d wear them when I need to concentrate on work without disruption too… šŸ™‚

I trust them and wholeheartedly recommend them!

Find them at Amazon.com FSL Patriot Earmuffs


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