Kindle Fire Charger

fire view 1-imp

You know what the problem is with small devices?

Losing the charging cord when you travel! Seems to always happen when we’re jumping from place to place, and the Kindle Fire was the latest to lose it. (Somewhere in Rome was the last place he remembers using it…lol)

Luckily, my friend at MiFine sent me over an aftermarket charger for my Kindle to review, since I was using some micro USB charger for an old phone that didn’t charge the device fully. Thanks to MiFine, I can definitely now say that all aftermarket chargers aren’t built the same! (Some actually DO work!)

macro ecu charger-imp

What is really telling is simply that it fully charged the Kindle in a little more than 2 hours. The charger was advertised to fully charge the unit in 4 hours, but it was literally half that time. The device went from always dead when you wanted to use it, to fully juiced and now holding a charge for days, because of this little gem.

Here’s how the first charge progressed:
10 Mins= 6%
20 Mins= 14%
30 Mins= 22%
50 Mins= 39%
60 Mins+ 47%
70 Mins= 56%
80 Mins= 75%
90 Mins= 81%
100 Mins= 89%
110 Mins= 91%
120 Mins= 94%
130 Mins= 96%
140 Mins=100%

I’ve tried for the last 2 days to run out this 100% charge, and even running Googlemaps won’t kill it fast, so I believe that the charger is really compatible with the device. When I was using another micro USB like I mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t hold the charge and ALWAYS was dead when I touched the device. Now that I think of it, the charger that came with the Kindle didn’t really work this well…it was always dead!

charger 1-imp

If you’re in need of a new charger for your Kindle, look no further! Here’s one that will definitely do the job safely and keep you reading away!

Thanks, MiFine for saving my Kindle and my sanity! (I was ready to toss that Kindle on the freeway somewhere, I was that frustrated with the thing never having any power!)

You can find it here-from Amazon:
MiFine Kindle Charger Cable

Have a great week all, and talk to you soon!
Much love to you and the fam!


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