Treqkr50 Solar Charger


I just received the most INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL portable charger for your small devices!

This one is amazing because it can be powered 2 ways: Via USB on any laptop, computer or wall plug with the USB cable or using FREE solar power.

Yes, take it with you ANYWHERE and power your phone (s), cameras, and media devices. I’m telling you, it’s so powerful it will rapidly charge your phone and then still have plenty more power to charge another. (And probably more devices after that.)

I left my iPhone 5s uncharged overnight and tried it this afternoon with these results:

12:50 = 53%
1:06 = 69%
1:14 = 76%
1:27 = 86%
1:34 = 89%
1:45 = 93%
1:50 = 94%
1:55 = 95%
2:05 = 97%
2:10 = 97%
2:12 = 97%


Afterwards, we found in the drawer an old iPhone 4s that had been uncharged for a couple years and was red-dead. This one charged fully just as quickly from fully dead and left power on the bank to do more. This older phone didn’t have a percentage on the battery, but the fact that it was more than discharged for years and came back that quickly is really a testimony to this device’s power.

The Treqkr50 comes with a cable to charge it (and to attach your devices) that is USB at one end and adaptable at the other. (older Ipod, micro USB, and pin end (for small cameras) You can use your own charger cables that have a USB end that fit your own devices, I used my new iPhone cable just fine.

I am already using this in the field to power my phone and batteries that are always on the verge of leaving me in the dark somewhere off the beaten track. I love it!

cove 2-imp

You know me, I don’t want to miss a thing…and I think the Treqkr50 Solar Charger is going to help me do that.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Find it at Amazon:

life the new ones do, but the life was in the green and full in about an hour.Treqkr50 Solar Charger


Hoping you all have a wonderful day and talk to you soon!


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