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I love to travel, I never get bored with exploring someplace different. Recently I took advantage of R’s business trip to Boston and had a couple of days to really remember what fall color does for the soul…simply put, it was like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day for me. My spirits […]


Weekends are made for discovery, and I’ve been so busy, I’m finding new ways to appreciate every single moment. This one has been a whirlwind of great stuff, progress and togetherness with my hubby and it’s been literally a shot in the arm. I needed a break, and even though I just spent 2 hours […]


If there is a good thing about junk drawers, it’s finding those old rolls of “mystery film”. I had 3 this past week… After the initial- “how old are they/have they been stored badly/ is it worth spending the money on developing them”, conversation, (which I always wonder why I go through, of course I’m […]


I’m not sure if it’s the change in the calendar or the one in the air, but I’ve gotten a second wind when it comes to seeing the world over the last few days. Fall is my favorite season, and everything that arrives with it seems to inspire me to capture and embrace every moment […]

turning left

This has been a busy couple of weeks on this end. I’ve had a weeklong shoot in La Jolla and I’m getting ready for a new adventure…insurance sales. (Yeah, that seems like a really wild left turn, huh?) I love learning new things, no matter how unconnected they seem. Challenges make life certainly more interesting, […]


I love the feeling of being “on it”. Whatever it is; a task, my health, doing what I love…it just makes me feel that all the stuff in my corner is lining up. Sort of like being at the starting line for a race. You’re there. You’re all in. You’re ready to run. I saw […]


Switching gears in life is a weird combination of anticipation and nerves. Those thoughts in your head  have to take a backseat to the foot that’s on the gas. (In this case, having a leadfoot is a good thing!) Whatever you’re in the mood to make happen in life, just go for it. Think of […]