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Oh man, we braved the crowds yesterday in SD to check out the fireworks and they were INCREDIBLE! A million people were estimated to head down to the coastline for one of the most iconic fireworks displays in SoCal. The night was beautiful, the mood energetic but peaceful, and the fireworks that erupted from four […]


Some days are made for just ignoring schedules, pressure, and hype. Following the heart where it leads you. Hangin’ with those who bring you up and inspire you…and letting that positive vibe bring you higher. Stay in that place, at all costs. I love it, but I can barely take it to the end… Hoping […]


This week has been just FILLED with long days, weird moments, and big changes around here… Changing jobs, changing cities, changing how you see your life and surroundings, and getting ready to move yet again has things upside down in my head and in my heart. Awesome thing is, our good friends were here today […]


Talents, skills, love… Everything we have that makes us special is just made to share with everyone we touch. Do you have to give everything away? Do you have to share every minute of every day? The simple answer is no… The better answer is, let your inner voice tell you when. I feel like […]


Comfort. Sometimes it’s just what you need when the world gets crazy. I got the King Arthur Flour Catalog in the mail today and they featured a cake my grandmother used to make…Hummingbird Cake. She used to always say she made it because she had some too-ripe bananas hanging around…but I wonder if she let […]


Sometimes things in life just fall into place. Perfectly. My neighbor just got home from caring for her sister. Her visit started with an “I don’t feel so well” from her sister, but ended up in a liver transplant. Her sister’s lingering illness, liver failure, 6 months to live diagnosis, and organ transplant all fell into […]


Home. There are endless quotes about it. Songs written in tribute to it. Some special homes are even designated as monuments because someone of note lived or was brought into the world there. Sometimes we can’t wait to leave.  When we’re away we can’t wait to return. We decorate our nests with things we love […]