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Like I didn’t need more inspiration to hit the road… I already can’t sleep!  Turn the bass up! Launch 4 Highlights: Hoping your week is flying by! Happy Hump Day! XO Advertisements


How’s Monday been for you? Ridin’ high on wings of soaring eagles? I know you are, for sure-’cause I can see you doing that! (Weirdly, yeah, I can… 🙂 ) I was just taking a break, and thought back to the moment when I took the shot of the horses you’re seeing. Two small Arabians, […]


What is it about working out that can either drive you to the brink of everything you got, or it can be something you just “do”? I’m not perfect, no way, but I am consistent. My physique, is it perfect, NO WAY. You know though, I’m on a push right now, (I think it’s the […]


Over the last couple of days I’ve been reading a couple of fitness magazines, mostly because I’m always looking for new “moves” to add to my repertoire. One of them had an article with a kind of Q & A with few of the girl olympic athletes. That one surprised me. Well, surprised me AND […]

Old Age

I am feeling it RIGHT NOW! When did it get to be more appealing to take a nap, sit on the couch and watch a movie or even put off that trip to the Coffee Bean because I don’t feel like the 3 flight trip to the garage! Even my bible devotional study today pegged […]