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turning left

This has been a busy couple of weeks on this end. I’ve had a weeklong shoot in La Jolla and I’m getting ready for a new adventure…insurance sales. (Yeah, that seems like a really wild left turn, huh?) I love learning new things, no matter how unconnected they seem. Challenges make life certainly more interesting, […]


I’m convinced. Standing out is a good thing. Following your heart, really following it is the way you’re gonna do it. Knowing those things that drive you forward, take all your attention, and won’t let you go until you do them…letting that calling drive your world and achieving your dream. No Matter What. I found […]


I saw this today and just LOVE IT! Way to rock what you do! I’m always inspired by people in this big world.  🙂 Hoping your weekend is filled with stuff that thrills you! There’s still a lot of fun to be had, so don’t stop now! Much love to you and the fam! Talk […]


Tuesday holds some magic! I’m not sure exactly how they all arrived here, but 4 REALLY enthusiastic, fun, and talented volunteers showed up to help create a set today. Maybe it’s the dust in the air on set that makes everything just work out? I love that people are still willing to give their time, […]


Finally the weekend is roaring in around here! I’ve been so busy doing a million things paperwork-wise I’m seeing the light fell out of the day and the night is back again. Blessings are like that, huh?  They just rain on you and you get used taking  ’em on, then time stands still.  You stop […]


How’s Monday been for you? Ridin’ high on wings of soaring eagles? I know you are, for sure-’cause I can see you doing that! (Weirdly, yeah, I can… 🙂 ) I was just taking a break, and thought back to the moment when I took the shot of the horses you’re seeing. Two small Arabians, […]


I just actually read my email…before you fall off your chair, wait for it…my “junk” mail. I found a gem! See’s is one of my fav candy shops. Not because some of their candy is amazing, (R is laughing, ’cause the one word he describes it with is “meh” 😛 I totes have my favs […]