I received the word for during prayer to tell the people what He’s done for me.
God has been very specific and constant in communicating with me. My calling has become very clear. I’m still asking how best to share the things I’m capturing with as many people as possible. The response from God about this has been very strong. To be very clear, I know that Jesus is the one and only human manifestation of God. He and God are one. Some people may not fully understand this. There is only ONE God. Those people who know God act a certain way and those that claim to know “God” and act the opposite are following something else.

To clarify, I don’t look at the bible index, I don’t study the bible as a scholar and I honestly don’t “know” it very well. I cannot quote chapter and verse like some people. I pray, ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance with understanding the word and then I RANDOMLY open the bible with my eyes closed. Where my finger rests, there’s my word. I then pray for help understanding it even better. Usually it’s like God has spoken to me and the word applies directly to what I just asked. It’s a very interesting exchange and I’m in awe of it. Sometimes I get a word directly from Him. I hear it audibly and I write it down. Sometimes, like yesterday, He speaks over me as I pray aloud, like He preempts my voice. That has only happened once, but I thought I needed to mention it. This is how I get my words from God….
Here are some of the things in my life that have definitely been changed since I began to earnestly and obediently pray and read my word (like I described above) daily. I have always prayed and had open, out loud conversations with God throughout my life. I have heard His voice throughout my life as well. I felt earlier this year that I needed to be more obedient with reading the Bible and structuring time every day for prayer and thanksgiving with God. On 03/04/13 I began with a three day fast and trying this devotional communication.
I will tell you in the time I’ve been really communicating with God things HAVE CHANGED! My husband even notices it. I’m more grounded. I have more purpose in everything I do. I have more light in my eyes. My skin has cleared up dramatically. I have more definition and direction with my calling. My confidence has been restored and I’m more active in not only everyday things, but in life in general. Yes, I’m blessed already with a happy, secure and close relationship/marriage with my husband. Now though, I think it’s entered a new dynamic…we’re closer because I’m closer to God.

I’ve noticed as well my eye has sharpened. My senses are very in tune with listening and seeing what He wants to show me. I think I’m focused on details I wouldn’t have picked up before because I know better what He wants me to see. I’m driven to get closer to Him and find out the best way I can be someone He says He knows. I enjoy every day a lot more (even though the days are TOO SHORT!) and I notice that people respond to me differently.

Roses For Your Hair

Roses For Your Hair

I’ve even been finally delivered from some things that were still kinda hanging in there. Worrying about how others perceive me, caring about the “material-ness” of this world, doubting my talents. Those things have been drastically on the decline for a few years (about 5) but now they’re non-existent. I don’t care or worry about what others think of me, how I’m dressed, what I’m doing. I have lost all interest in material items and the lost space inside that needed filling with or by them. I’ve always been confident, but now that confidence is rooted somewhere real Not in what job I have, where I live, or who I know. It’s rooted in God. I’m so full of His spirit, I don’t have room for any of that other stuff anymore. It feels really, really good! I’m so glad that I’m reborn, that I’m free from the nonsense of this world.
Now I’m getting back to the good stuff, I feel like I’ve come full circle. That I’ve come home. I’m forever grateful to God for that, and I’ll keep thanking Him!
I hope that if you have not yet found a relationship with God that you do. Soon. The time is coming that there won’t be any more room for procrastination. If you’re on the fence, get off it. Start living with Him in mind first and everything will become clear for you. You’ll really be alive…you won’t have worry, stress and grief. Let Him take that from you so you can be free.



  1. You’re a terrible lover of flowers?

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    1. Guilty as charged. I think so! For some reason they inspire me…their perfect beauty only lasts a moment, I want them to stay like that forever I suppose… šŸ™‚

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      1. I see a very interesting concept

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