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We all have a source of inspiration. A source of power. Positive energy. Strength. When I see this particular misty paleness in the early morning or late afternoon, that’s the time I feel it rise. The hope of what’s to come. Whether it’s a challenge of a new day or the peace that comes with […]


Happy New Year! Happy January! Along with the calendar change, we’ve got some real rain in the forecast. (Southern California hasn’t really had true rain in probably 5 years!) We took a drive down the coast yesterday to our favorite spot to see dolphins, but instead saw some amazing clouds…even though they were a little […]


Cold weather makes me want nothing more than hot coffee, a great movie, and the time to slow down… Here’s to long, cool nights with someone you love. Here’s just the song that says it all… Foolish Heart ~ Steve Perry Something to sip while you dream… Ooh…Nutella Hot Chocolate How To Hoping the week […]


Overthinking stuff isn’t good. Sometimes things work out beautifully when you don’t plan them. I’m figuring out that you can’t cut hope or faith out of any equation. These two elements are like the sunrise. Essentially important to all life and predictable. Even when things aren’t tough, still keeping them “turned on” in your heart […]


The classics. No matter what they are, from clothing to movies, they just seem to stand the test of time. There’s just something about them that keeps them always feeling new. This book I’ve been reading for awhile off and on kind of puts me in that state of mind… I’m sure I’ve mentioned it […]


98 degrees here today. Craziness. Spring seems to have flown away! (and now the world is on fire; but I love to work out in it- you can lose 5 pounds through sweat alone LOL 😉 ) Speaking of craziness, I can’t stop laughing or watching this commercial…genius. Ahhh, the wonderful world of advertising…you gotta […]


Foundations matter. Where you start with, what you’re rooted in, counts. Like anyone anywhere in this world, starting with 1, with the heart, seems logical. Personally I’ve never apologized for being saved. For me, that’s my 20 lb. anchor in every storm. Yeah, faith has and is getting me through some stuff in my life. […]